Become a SoCAL YOGA + Life™ Ambassador

Want to be a part of the SoCAL YOGA + Life™ Magazine Community?

Apply to become a Regional Leader/Ambassador NOW! (limited spots available)

What is a Yoga + Life Magazine Ambassador/Leader?

Help Organize EVENTS in your area:
The best way for us to stay connected with the community is through regional events. These can be yoga classes, meditation, nutrition workshops, mentoring,…anything health and wellness — the sky is the limit. We will set up a schedule for each leader to help organize an event in their area.

While priority will be given to our regional leaders for content, writing and artwork we will need to stay fresh and relevant. Leaders are encouraged to find new talent in their communities to work with us.

Our outreach goal includes finding businesses/studios/centers that would like to carry our magazine in their place of business. Our goal is for each leader to build relationships with these businesses so they are familiar with our magazine and are excited to offer it to their clientele. Additionally any events/expos/festivals are a great idea. Leaders can compile a contact list with local business including contact name, phone number and address.


  • Be a part of a commUNITY you love.
  • Share your voice, passion and ideas.
  • Get SWAG, clothing, jewelry and lots of goodies from our sponsors.
  • Contribute on our blog and in the magazine with quality submissions.
  • Share the love. Invite your friends to our events.
  • Attend all events as a VIP.
  • Earn $$ on leads you generate into ad sales.
  • Get listed as an ambassador on our website.
  • Help steer the contents of each issue.
  • Help plan events.
  • Support us with social media shares and mentions.
  • The sky is always the limit ++


Email today the following answers to these questions.

1. Who you are.
2. What you do.
3. Your Passions.
4. Your Platform.
5. Your Skills.
6. What being an Ambassador would mean to you.

You will be contacted if you are chosen and spots are limited but do open up occasionally.